Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Revisionist List: Top Ten of 2008

To make sense of where I'm coming from, I thought posting my top tens from the last five years would be a good background check. But mostly it was just fun for me to revisit these years and make the necessary adjustments. Things change, certain records take time to embed themselves in your brain, and certain records don't find their way to you until a year later. I always think submitting top ten lists of any given year, in December OF that year, is ridiculous. Oh and this is the first year that more rock/metal records made my list than punk records... So here's 2008, as I see it now:
Top Ten Albums of 2008
1. COCK SPARRER – Here We Stand  (Captain Oi!)
2. VIRGINS – Miscarriage  (Kiss of Death)
3. AMON AMARTH – Twilight of the Thunder God  (Metal Blade)
4. ANNIHILATION TIME – III: Tales of the Ancient Age  (Tee Pee)
5. DILLINGER FOUR – C I V I L W A R  (Fat Wreck)
6. TOXIC HOLOCAUST – An Overdose of Death  (Relapse)
7. SAVIOURS – Into Abaddon  (Kemado)
8. ENFORCER – Into the Night (Heavy Artillery)
9. GRAVEYARD – Graveyard  (Tee Pee)
10. DEAN DIRG – Raus!  (Six Feet Under)
*Note: 7 of the 10 records did not change from the original list, including numbers 1 and 2. No questions there.
Top Five Singles & EPs of 2008
1. DEAD TO ME – Little Brother (Fat Wreck)
2. EARLY MAN – Beware the Circling Fin (The End)
3. MODERN ACTION – Modern Action (Modern Action)
4. CUTE LEPERS – Terminal Boredom (1-2-3-4 Go!)
5. FUCKED UP / HARD SKIN – Toronto FC (No Future)