Tuesday, October 16, 2012

record of the year...

... and i knew it would be when i heard their practice room demo of "status update" last year.  the album does not disappoint, and gets better with each listen.  it's been said before that this is a band that defies genre classification, and this album further proves that point.  and without a suitable name for this sub-genre of heavy music, i propose that "crossover" be re-defined with this record as its flagship.  a seamless melding of hardcore punk and thrash metal, without any of the cliches associated with either.  incorporating elements of their influences, which they proudly wear on their sleeves and in their songs, be it Cro-Mags, Sacrifice, Razor or COC, all is perfectly melded into aggressive, urgent heavy music with riffs and lyrics most bands could only hope to write.  we have a new 'holy trilogy' on our hands, and it's Potemkin City Limits, Supporting Caste, and Failed States.

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